Magento Salesforce Integration (by PowerSync)

Connects your Magento store with your Salesforce CRM, integrating all of your store data, so you can grow customer lifetime value and retention.
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Data Synchronization (Feature Comparison)
The Magento and Salesforce integration connects your systems in a structured and streamlined way.
Magento +Salesforce Integration Features
Starter Pack
Full Version
Customers & Default Addresses
Salesforce State/Country Picklists
Person/Account Integration
Customer Groups
Data Duplication Prevention Logic
Product Catalog
Product Tiered Pricing
Abandoned Carts
Order Invoices (Receipts)
Order Shipments
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
Newsletter Subscribers
B2B: Negotiable Quotes
Bi-directional Field Mappings UI
RabbitMQ & CRON Support
Lifetime Upgrades Included
Ongoing Integration Support
Bronze, Silver, Gold
Improve your business efficiency
Salesforce integration empowers you to make more informed and effective business decisions.
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