Best Magento and Salesforce Integration
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We know that choosing the right technology to scale your brand is critical, so we didn't pull any punches in offering our opinion on exactly what we found.
Don't play games.

We both know why you're here.

You and I both know this is some highly niche content.

You're clearly on this page because you're trying to integrate Magento and Salesforce.

Now, it's possible that the search engine gods made a mistake, and you're still trying to figure out if you actually need to integrate Magento and Salesforce.

If so, we wrote that article, too.

But for this article we're assuming that you're already scaling your operations, and linking Salesforce and Magento is a critical next step.

So you're comparing options.

If that sounds right, I'll cut right to the chase.

If you're simply looking to send data from Magento to Salesforce, that's a simple (and free) fix. The PowerSync courtesy (free) Starter Pack offers functionality comparable to virtually any paid option that isn't PowerSync.

PowerSync's Starter Pack has some major advantages.

It's free.
It's robust.
It's intuitive.

Every now and then the easy route is the right route. Take a look at the Magento to Salesforce mappings and if it's got what you need treat yourself, boo.

However, if you're looking for a bit more than that, we did the research to find and identify any red flags. We went through the demo experiences of each paid option for integrating Magento and Salesforce and picked the top three.

- Webkul Magento and Salesforce Integration Solution
- Magenest Magento Salesforce Connector
- Mageplaza Magento Salesflrce Integration

Here's how we organized our overview: We took a growth perspective (what solution will grow with your business without breaking or requiring a costly upgrade in the future). Then, we did a feature comparison. While reviewing, we took note of any red flags that we would have noticed as a potential customer, and we included them for your convenience.

In full transparency, our developers wrote a solution that they've been improving over the last decade. So, going in we already knew that we were biased.

So, instead of just talking about how great we are (we'll expand on that later) we started with the features that our top competitors offer that we don't.

We know that choosing the right technology to scale your brand is critical, so we didn't pull any punches in offering our opinion on exactly what we found. We focused on the noteworthy differences where we experienced friction, so you know what you're going to get.

In all fairness, we started this article with the intention of writing something objective.

We were truly surprised to find that our competitors served up such a litany of technical errors and inferior features.

(Okay, our product team wasn't surprised -- but our marketing team was.)

So this turned into a "quick and dirty" review and instead of a "comprehensive guide" to integrating Salesforce and Magento. #sorrynotsorry

So let's kick this thing off. First up: Magenest
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