How we organized our review for Magento Salesforce connectors
We didn't pull any punches in offering our opinion on exactly what we found.
When it comes to Magento and Salesforce integrations, the options you're most likely considering are the top-ranked SERPs (search) options. We split the top 10 contenders into three "buckets" of functionality:

  • native integrations within each respective system
  • one-off action/event-related syncs (e.g. Zapier)
  • an external user interface that fetches data from each system

Our Standards for Engineering the Best Magento and Salesforce Integration:

  • Integration is a complete suite of functionality, not a one-off
  • Coded to best practices (essential for any scalable implementation)
  • Functions within the existing baseline infrastructure (native to Salesforce & Magento)
Anything less is ultimately just welding disparate pieces together, creating points of failure, and waiting for something to glitch out. We affectionately call these "Frankenstein" solutions. Look for more on that around October.

That clipped all contenders in the bottom two categories. Then we made a goal to compare the three remaining options based on features (synchronization, field mapping, etc.), customer experience, and support.

Because we didn't technically "review" our own extension, I'll go ahead and highlight features that none of our competitors offer, which may be relevant to you:

  • Flexible, Value-based pricing (Sliding Scale starting at $3,441.90/year)
  • White-glove onboarding and configuration assistance
  • Bi-directional "System of Record" synchronization at the Field-Level
  • Abandoned Cart sync (most stores have some version of this but it's not integrated)
  • B2B quote synchronization between Magento and Salesforce
  • Product-Level Detail for synced orders from Magento in Salesforce
  • Data Deduplication Logic (why doesn't anyone else offer this?)
  • Magento User (Person) to Salesforce Account Synchronization

Now, here's what our integration can't do that other solutions can:

  • Catalog price rules campaigns sync to Salesforce. (Magenest or Mageplaza)
  • Synchronize Product "Categories" (Magenest)
  • Link Magento Subscribers and Campaigns into Salesforce (Magenest)
  • Product image catalog storage files on Salesforce (Webkul)
  • Multilingual config (Webkul)
  • Default "Contact Us" Form integration (Webkul)

That's it! Our Magento Salesforce connector dominates at basically anything else you could want to do. Our sliding scale for pricing allows our team to scale with and personalize your installation according to your business needs.

I wish that the feedback following this was merely a matter of bias. Our (marketing) team was legitimately surprised by how defective and/or worthless many of these solutions are in real life. (Our development team was not surprised).

So, let's get onto the elimination round.
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