Magenest Magento and Salesforce Integration
We tried to keep this review above the belt, but it got really dirty because we kept stumbling onto technical errors.
Red flag #1: Demo is critically unstable

First of all, despite the fact that they have a demo environment to tinker around with, we had to look at screenshots to do this review. The demo experience is critically unstable and continually times out. That's important because it's the most simple and straightforward use case possible.

This broken demo experience offers a preview to the service experience you can expect. That being said, on this one we tried to keep it above the belt, but it got really dirty because we kept stumbling onto things like this.

Red flag #2: Not Salesforce oriented

We can walk you through all of the Salesforce best practice violations (that you would be correcting on an ongoing basis) but it wouldn't be quick. We're organizing that overview now, but we'll probably just need to make a video because no one's going to read that much.

Looking at their front end, it's clear that these technicians are not Salesforce "people." This interface is clearly built based on what they were able to do, not necessarily on what a business would want for competitive scalability.

Furthermore, their integration calls for "Sync All Accounts" on the Magento side. The problem is that, "Accounts" isn't a semantic congruency between the two systems. Account is a Salesforce term. From there, we couldn't find any logic to decide what we're actually syncing (Leads? Accounts? Contacts? Opportunities?).

This is actually one of the main indicators that the Magenest integration does not support business use cases. So, from a business perspective, we were left with a ton of questions:

  • How do Magento "Customers" sync with Salesforce "Accounts"? or "Opportunities"?
  • How is that configured against "Contacts"?
  • How are the "Customer" properties linked to respective Salesforce fields?
  • When do you sync "Lead" versus "Contact" versus "Opportunity"?
  • How do those link into Orders, Opportunities, Abandoned Carts, etc.

Red Flag #3: Basic quantity over quality "support" model.

As is common practice in these sorts of dev shops, they're focused on building a high-level (not to be confused with "high end") integration, cheaper than their competitors, and offering it for less.

  • They don't care about features
  • They don't care about business use cases.
  • They just want to get the tech to market and get you to pay for it. Period.

Red Flag #4: Expect defects that are totally preventable.

On the Magento side, their synchronization queue does report errors (a step up from Mageplaza), but we had a little LOL moment when reviewing the screenshots.

PowerSync has built-in logic for the exact sync failure examples in their demo. So, their own marketing material demonstrates PowerSync's technical superiority. (Just sayin')

When it comes to field mapping, setup is inherently complicated. As with Magenest, important data decisions are not coded to best practices but left up to the technician to loop in the business user. The design isn't intuitive, and the logic to decide what needs to sync is completely absent.

Depending on your business use case, it's likely that at least one of these defects would affect your business; exacerbating the data headache you're already dealing with.

Red Flag #5+

Here's the quickie bulleted run-down of other significant variables that may matter to your business use case, so you can get on with your day:

Mageplaza does not support B2B cases.

They constantly violate or disregard Salesforce (and Magento) best practices.

They are lacking a litany of business logic for deduplication, order synchronization, and account management, and of course, business use cases.

Accounts that should be named something like "PowerSync" or "Igor Krasnykh" are called "" — an obvious oversight and data error, right out of the gate.

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