Structural Graphics
After successfully implementing three time-saving automations, Structural Graphics calls PowerSync its "developer of choice" for future projects.
Industry: Direct Mail Marketing
Sites, Softwares and Plug-ins
Magento + Salesforce Integration
Professional Salesforce Development Services
Business Outcomes
  • All company records synced between Magento and Salesforce
  • Several hours saved each week on duplicated manual data entry
  • Elimination of human errors, such as mismatched data and typos
  • Centralized reporting, eliminated platform-hopping
  • Close dates automatically match between Salesforce child and parent opportunities
  • A custom pricing logic eliminates unnecessary fees in Salesforce
The Structural Graphics Case Study
A few years ago, the project managers at Structural Graphics found themselves spending a significant amount of time on tasks they suspected could be fully automated.

The company provides unique marketing collateral for businesses in a variety of verticals via direct mail. Its leaders knew their time would be better spent growing the business rather than manually inputting data into its systems, so they began searching for solutions. Their research led them to PowerSync's Magento + Salesforce integration, which has been syncing data between their eCommerce system and CRM ever since.

As the years passed, Ken Stokes, VP of eCommerce for Structural Graphics, was brainstorming additional ways the company could save time and money. He identified some tasks that he thought would be a good fit for automated workflows, but he needed a developer to create a customized solution.

Because of the company's good experience with PowerSync in the past, he inquired with CEO Igor Krasnykh to see if his team could create two custom workflows in Salesforce.

"Our Project Managers were having to go into Salesforce and manually make adjustments to orders based on certain rules we have in place, and Igor helped us automate that," Stokes said.

Within a couple of weeks, Stokes said two time-saving customizations were up and running within Salesforce. Throughout the process, progress was conveniently communicated on the project management platform.

The first customization ensures the close date on child opportunities matches the close date on parent opportunities, so project managers no longer have to go in and manually adjust them. The second customization has to do with pricing logic. It automatically recalculates subtotals within the opportunity stage to exclude a few unnecessary fees.

"With every order that came across from Magento to Salesforce, our project managers were having to manually make corrections to it. It wasn't a ton of time, but say they spent a few minutes per order, it adds up in a day and a week," Stokes said, noting that more time will be saved as the business grows.

In addition to saving time, the custom solutions help ensure accuracy.

"If they're inputting information manually, there weren't very many errors, but when there were, it was due to them doing it manually," Stokes said.
Looking to the future
After experiencing three successful PowerSync implementations, Stokes said PowerSync is its developer of choice for helping the company migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in the future.

Additionally, he said the ability to keep PowerSync's Magento + Salesforce integration was a deciding factor for the company remaining on Magento.

"We did look at Shopify and Big Commerce, but Magento is doing what we need it to do. It definitely makes sense for us to just go to Magento 2," Stokes said. "It is important to transfer all of our data from Magento to Salesforce, and our accounting system is in Salesforce, too. We know it works well with PowerSync, so that was part of our decision."

Another aspect Stokes said he appreciates about working with PowerSync is open communication and up-front transparency.

"The most irritating thing about working with a developer is they sometimes keep trying to add money because they didn't really think through or understand what was required upfront. They should be able to give me a price and stick to that price. Igor has always stuck to his price on all of the stuff he's done for us," Stokes said.
In their own words,
"A developer should be able to give me a price and stick to that price. Igor has always stuck to his price on all of the stuff he's done for us."

- Ken Stokes, VP of eCommerce for Structural Graphics
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