When needed a way to sync its Magento e-commerce platform with its Salesforce CRM, PowerSync provided a more sophisticated solution than expected.
Industry: Home Furnishings

Sites, Softwares and Plug-ins
Business Outcomes
  • Many hours of duplicated manual data entry eliminated
  • The ability to provide an enhanced customer experience
  • Elimination of human errors, such as mismatched data and typos
The Problem
When it comes to purchasing cabinets, many customers don't know where to begin. That's why allows website visitors to submit a design request so they can collaborate with a cabinet designer free of charge.

Because this is an essential piece of the project pipeline, needed a solutions that could streamline the process efficiently and reliably..

Prior to working with PowerSync, the process looked like this:
  • Customer visits
  • Customer submits a design request.
  • Customer is manually assigned to a Designer.
  • Customer is manually added as a "Lead" in Salesforce.
  • Designer creates multiple quotes in Magento as sub-pages of the project.
  • Quotes are sent to the customer
  • Quotes are manually added into Salesforce.
  • Accepted Quotes are manually updated in Salesforce as the deal progresses.
Due to the detailed nature of the work and the constant need for hands-on administration, user error and unreliable data quality were ongoing concerns. Automating the flow of data throughout this process became a necessity instead of a "nice to have."
The Solution & Process
Shawn Abramson is a Magento architect at MRM, one of the largest Magento agencies in the world. Abramson was charged with the task of working out the problem. Initially, he assumed that building a custom solution was the only option. Then he discovered TechNWeb's PowerSync Connector, but was unsure that it was able to meet and resolve the concerns in the project. After all, the quote process was much more complex than a standard CMS was designed to handle.

Abramson scheduled a consultation with PowerSync CEO, Igor Krasnykh. Together they conducted a thorough needs analysis to determine if the Magento-Salesforce integration would be a good fit for accomplishing their goals. Krasnykh ensured his comprehension by developing architectural diagrams that Abramson said impressed him. After meeting a few times, Abramson knew that PowerSync's solution clearly made more sense than building something from scratch.

"It just seemed to make sense to go with the solution that's already created, that's already out there in the market, and that we wouldn't be responsible for providing all the updates for," Abramson said.

Because PowerSync's extension is well-architected and scalable, Abramson was able to easily add custom logic to the existing framework that incorporated additional flows. He added that many third-party extensions underperform, but PowerSync is an exception to the rule.

"Most of them are more concerned with quantity than quality, so they don't care if it's affecting your performance," he said. "They implement one feature that causes bugs in another area."

Since PowerSync's integration has been in place at, it's going "swimmingly, beautifully well," according to Abramson. He said the extension offered even more coding sophistication than he expected.

"I would say from a coding standpoint, there was a lot right," Abramson said. "The heavy usage of virtual types to minimize code repetition I thought was great, as well as the way that you are tracking the Salesforce IDs."

In addition to a quality product, Abramson was impressed with the customer service aspect of PowerSync.

"You guys were always very responsive and helpful to help us accomplish the end goal. It was a good experience," Abramson said.

To sum up his experience with PowerSync in one word, Abramson said he would choose "Quality," because "the integration is coded to best practices, it works well and it was designed intelligently."
In their own words,

"The integration is coded to best practices, it works well and it was designed intelligently."
- Shawn Abramson, MRM Magento Architect
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Most of the third-party extensions out there are mostly absolute crap, and I know this because I'm a member of XDN, so we kind of pride ourselves on being the best extension developers out there. We know the vast majority of extension vendors, and they implement one feature, you know, say for the customer account page. But suddenly, it's causing you bugs in your checkout. Most of them are more concerned with quantity than quality so they don't care if they're affecting your performance.

I mean, I would say from a coding standpoint, there was a lot right. It's coded to best practices, works well and it was designed intelligently. And actually, we had a little issue, but it turned out that I had underestimated your extension because when you send an attachment up to Salesforce, you have to base 64 encode it (which i was doing). But when it arrived in Salesforce, I couldn't view the file, and I was like, "What the hell is going on? Why can I not view it?" Turned out that your extension was already smart enough to know from the WSDL that it needs to be base 64 encoded, so it was getting double base 64 encoded.

It's always a pleasure when you see Magento extension coded to best practice because I've seen all the crap that's out there, so I just thought it was great.
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